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Santa Barbara

The visit of Santa Barbara, California is an essential stopover during your trip to the United States.

It is the place where the golden hills turn into sparkling seas. The red tile roofs give way to an abundantly sunny sky.

It is here that you are welcomed by the vineyards and lush gardens, festivals and music to which people dance in the picturesque streets that make you dream.

It is a charming seaside resort but also a chic and glamorous little town where you can practice many activities, attend many events, visit many shops and explore local dishes and others in various restaurants.

This destination will undoubtedly offer you amazing experiences that will surely leave their mark on you, and will remain engraved forever in your memories.

Don’t miss the visit of the old historical city, because it is the most interesting place in the city of Santa Barbara.

It is full of tourist sites, historical monuments, beautiful houses all in color and beautiful luxurious villas and flowered streets that will inspire you joy and happiness.

Whether you are looking to satisfy your thirst for nature, or catch waves, Santa Barbara has everything you need for your outdoor activities.

Santa Barbara is home to one of the 100 best public courses in the United States, the Sandpiper Golf Club.

Given the mild climate, conditions here rarely prevent golfers from practicing their passion while enjoying the breathtaking ocean view.

Sunrise and sunset hikes in Santa Barbara can offer a pure and simple spiritual experience.

Consider trekking to the timed point of inspiration to see the sunrise and see the city come alive below.

You can also take incredible pictures at sunrise and sunset. The beaches of “Thousand Steps” and “Leadbetter” are the ideal places for a photo shoot at sunrise or swimming and sunbathing all day in one of the favorite beaches of the region called Butterfly Beach.