Application form for ESTA USA



How do I correct an error in my ESTA request

The website provides access for applicants to reconfirm the passport number, correct and review their data before validating the application. You have the possibility to modify and correct all the data fields of the request, this of course before validating your request with all the necessary information for payment. You have the possibility to change […]

Difference between a VISA and an ESTA

A USA visa is a document that meets the legal and regulatory requirements of the United States; persons holding a valid visa will only be able to travel to the United States for the purpose for which the visa was issued and are exempt from applying for an approved travel authorization (ESTA) when travelling.Since ESTA does not meet the legal criteria, it cannot be considered a Visa.

Do I need to print or have a digital copy of my ESTA once at the airport

No. DHS will be able to communicate the traveller’s ESTA status to carriers. According to the Department of Homeland Security, travellers are advised to make a screenshot of the response to the travel authorization request. This will allow him to keep the confirmation of ESTA status and also to keep a record of the travel […]

Can i edit my passport’s information after completing my ESTA request?

Until the application has been paid, the applicant has the option of changing the date of issue of the passport or the expiry date. In case the application has already been paid and the applicant indicates the wrong date of issue of the passport or the expiry date, the traveller must apply for a new […]