Application form for ESTA USA



Beware of errors when completing your ESTA application form

When completing your ESTA application form, be careful with the answers you provide. A data entry error can be taken as misleading information.

There is a series of questions that you will need to answer with a “yes” or “no” to properly verify your profile and assess whether or not you pose a threat to American citizens, the questions will revolve around:

  • your state of health (list of allergies, mental disorders, contagious diseases, etc.);
  • your track record in the United States (arrest, conviction, etc.), especially with regard to drug trafficking;
  • your history with the immigration service in the United States (visa refusal or cancellation, refoulement measure, etc.);
  • your possible direct or indirect participation in Nazi German movements, etc.

It is recommended to take your time when filling out the form, rushing answers can be detrimental to your request. Travellers tend to tick “no” thinking that they are improving their profile, without realizing for a second that by certifying that they have read all the questions, they will be held responsible for the accuracy of all the information they have provided.

To avoid any errors due to a misunderstanding of the question, do not hesitate to ask us for help to reread the questions and help you with your answers.

And finally, you will need to specify your destination and flight information. You should be aware that this part of the form is not mandatory. But filling in the requested information about the number, date and time of your flight and the state and city you wish to travel to could work in your favour and optimize your chances of obtaining travel authorization.