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Big pine Keys

The Lower Keys are islands that are part of the Florida Keys Archipelago, which is a group of islands connected by bridges in southern Florida.

This island range is home to two national wildlife sanctuaries, a national park and a national marine sanctuary.

Its main city is Big Pine Key where there are restaurants, shops and hotels that are the best starting points to explore the Lower Keys and the rest of the archipelago.

This group of islands, which are larger than the others, is focused on ecological tourism, you have more activities that are based on nature and the exploitation of biological and geological resources to offer you an authentic experience without damaging or disturbing the ecosystem.

At the entrance to the Lower Keys, the small island of Little Duck Key is proud of its park dedicated to the memory of former Veterans.

1.5 kilometres to the south, at milestone 39, Ohio Key is home to Sunshine Key Campground with its swimming pool, restaurants and other facilities.

In Big Pine Key, explore the Key Deer National Wildlife Refuge, where the natural pine forest shelters the state protected gazelles of the area or continue to No Name Key.

Don’t forget to visit the other Lower Keys islands which are known for their residential areas and easy access to the sea.

Explore the uninhabited islands of Saddlebunch Keys, which form a network of lagoons and mangroves, and enjoy a memorable walk, especially at dusk.

Plan a trip to the Big Pine Key to discover the colours and diversity of Florida’s vast coral reef system.

Try a diving experience and explore the underwater world and more than 150 species of fish and the variety of coral.

You can also cycle across Key Deer country, fish in the backcountry and explore the abundant land wildlife!

The Lower Keys are a haven of peace in today’s feverish world and are an ideal place for a family outing, picnic, camping, sports and relaxation in a protected and unique setting and escape the noise of the city for a unique experience.