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Everglades City

Everglades is a small town lost in the heart of the wildlife of Florida State in the United States. This city is known as the world capital of stone crab (or thorny crab) and is the gateway to the famous Everglades National Park. From the city, enjoy the many hikes offered by the surrounding parks and reserves.

 In the Everglades city, you can enjoy several activities, including:

  • Everglades Backcountry Experience: Fishing and backcountry trips with Captain Rodney Raffield and enjoy the beauty and wildlife of the area on a unique fishing trip.
  • Air travel that takes you to the heart of the vast and silent jungles of the Everglades.
  • Combine day or multi-day excursions and enjoy the atmosphere of this small town, on foot, by bike, kayak, boat or plane.
  • You can take guided boat tours of the 10,000 islands in the Everglades.
  • Kayaking fishing in the backcountry of the famous Everglades National Park,
  • Canoeing through beautiful mangrove tunnels,
  • Guided bike tour through ancient cypress hammocks,
  • And even go hiking in meadows, wetlands and marshes to find rare orchids.
  • Book a seaplane tour to get an aerial view of these exceptional islands!
  • Visit the Everglades Museum: which is a small and well known history museum.
  • Everglades is probably the best place in the 10,000 surrounding islands to rent canoes or kayaks.

Be adventurous and enjoy a guided paddling excursion, explore the Big Cypress National Reserve, which was the first classified reserve in the United States and contains a mix of tropical and temperate living environments suitable for a diversity of plant and animal species including the Florida Panther.

Everglades National Park (also known as the Eternal Wetlands National Park), which is the largest subtropical wilderness reserve in North America and a sanctuary for several bird species and Fakahatchee Strand State Reserve which is, perhaps, the best example of a subtropical wetland in the United States.