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10 things to eat in New Orleans

New Orleans is characterized by jazz, carnival, nightlife… etc.; it is a haven of gastronomy and a city that has built a fine reputation among foreign travelers and even domestic visitors. So what are these famous meals that you must absolutely taste if you are in New Orleans?

It is the “signature” dish of New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana. Even if its origin is not determined with certainty, but this Cajun delight is worth a visit! It is a rice specialty prepared with ham and sausages, prawns or oysters. The dish is so well known and loved that in 1952 the singer Hank Williams used a Cajun melody to write a song about the Jambalaya and the people who eat it.

Hot dog (alligator)
And yes, it is indeed hot-dog alligator meat, this dish is very famous in Louisiana. It should also be noted that this may seem surprising to Europeans, but alligator meat is commonly consumed in New Orleans; one could even say that it is similar to beef.

Rice and beans
It’s beans and rice, a very famous dish in Louisiana. It’s a bit like Mac & Cheese, both a side dish and a dish in its own right. You can try this dish in different restaurants in Louisiana, there are several kinds.

Fried chicken
Fried chicken? Nothing simpler, nothing extraordinary! But New Orleans restaurants boast their “Fried chicken” as the best in the city. This is the case with Willie Mae’s Scotch House, which is popular with Barack Obama. Their chicken is so good that visitors come from far away to taste it.

It is a typical New Orleans sandwich, created by Italian immigrants in this city. Salvador Lupo is widely credited with selling New Orleans’ first muffuletta when he combined the bread, meat, cheese and olives that Italian dockworkers often asked for. Rather than letting the workers occupy his counter with their deli meats, Salvador gave the men an easy-to-make sandwich that can be kept for a long time during the day.

Gumbo (or Gombo in French) is a stew that is cooked for several hours, it is a typical Louisiana dish made from a thickened broth in which vegetables and herbs simmer. There are several variants of this meal such as vegetarian gumbo, meat or seafood.

This well-known New Orleans specialty is also found in some southern border states. Crawfish is a seafood dish simmered in a creamy sauce and served with rice.

Chargrilled Oysters
It may seem strange to grill oysters, but forget your prejudices and succumb to grilled oysters that are grilled with a butter and herbs sauce and processed cheese.

For gourmands and sweet lovers, don’t forget to take doughnuts when you are in New Orleans, this city is known for this specialty that survived the period of French Louisiana. The experience is very pleasant thanks to the tasty doughnuts and their crispy crust.

We talked about salty and sweet; now it’s time for cocktails! Actually, we can’t talk about New Orleans without mentioning the very lively nightlife and cocktails. Hurricane means hurricane and this cocktail is made with rum, juice (passion, orange, lemon), grenadine and crushed ice.