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African American History Trail with Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge offers you not only modern places and rich cultures to discover, but also a fabulous and scenic trail that reflects African-American history to contemplate along the I-10 road west of Baton Rouge to the Cajun Country.

However, you can enjoy the abundant impact of this trail and at the same time enjoy a stay that combines the beauty of the natural landscapes and the visit of the famous Cajun cities of Lafayette, Opelousas and St. Martinville.

The rich culture, cuisine and nightlife of this region will delight you during all the days of your trip. Moreover, to make the most of your stay, here are some must-see places to visit:

  • The Historical Park and Museum of The Old Village in Opelousas: Opelousas is the third oldest city in Louisiana; you will admire its rich culture and heritage through these 2 places.
  • Creole Heritage & Folklife Center: It is the local youth education center that represents a large part of African-American life in the first half of the 20th century.
  • The Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit: It is one of the main Afro-Creole congregations in the region. You will be attracted by the exquisite sculptures and works of art that adorn the building.
  • Longfellow-Evangeline National Historic Site: Located in Saint-Martin, it represents the cultural interaction between Acadians and Creoles, Indians and Africans, French and Spanish, slaves and peoples free of color.
  • The Afro-American Museum: Visit the historic district of Saint-Martinville to discover the powerful history of the region’s Afro-Creole community.