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Discover the diversity of the Acadian

French-speaking Louisiana is a region that hides in its many cities a rich Cajun culture to discover as a distant French cousin, but know that the heart of these traditions is focused in the Cajun Country.

Moreover, Lafayette is the Cajun city par excellence, it is considered to be the capital of the Acadian country, it is a lively, gourmet, charming and constantly active; it clearly represents European, African and Indian culture and tradition.

Indeed, the festivals that are organized in Lafayette every year in October reflect the entire culture of this region.

First of all, keep in mind that Louisiana’s iconic festivals are divided into three heterogeneous parts.

The first section is the Music Festivals which host the greatest celebrities of the Cajun and Zydeco genre. Secondly, Bayou Food, this festival is known for its exhibition of Cajun and Creole delicacies, citing, for example, blood sausage, stewed sausage and Jambalaya. The third part is on the Louisiana Craft Fair, which celebrates handmade objects produced by the Houma Indians such as jewellery, sculptures and furniture made by local artisans.

Moreover, as Cajun chef Patrick MOULD – who is one of the organizers of these events – states: “During festivals, each component celebrates a different aspect of the culture of the Cajun country”, so you will find that the inhabitants of the cities of the Cajun Country celebrate a festival almost for every event. We can illustrate this point by:

  • Acadian and Creole Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana: this festival offers you the opportunity to discover and please your souls by listening to Acadian music live. So, during your stay in Louisiana, follow MOULD’s quote: “Arrive early and bring your dancing shoes.”
  • Festival de la Rayne Frog: this festival specifically celebrates the event of the Giant Omelette in Abbeville.
  • Cracklin Festival in Port Barre
  • The Cajun Country and the Acadian and Creole Festivals: represents the event that best summarizes the richness of Acadian and Creole traditions and culture.

All in all, the Festivals acadiens are among the basic concepts that reflect the image of the Cajun people. These people have suffered great hardships over time to succeed in transforming their lives into a kind joy of life. Through these events, they try to convey their good image to everyone, as MOULD says: “The Cajuns are very nice people; they really take you in their hearts.