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The city of Houma is a city that has preserved its Cajun culture and cultural traditions, its inhabitants glorify their culture and initiate this subject with tourists and they also seek to entertain visitors to their cities. Houma contains more than 2500 square miles of mythical marshes and vast humid natural areas.

Indeed, keep in mind that this city is classified among the unmissable Louisiana destinations; it has several unique attractions, affordable accommodations and delicious meals influenced by the culture of spicy Cajun cuisine.

However, if you are planning a stay in New Orleans, think of experiencing the exoticism, the mysterious and tasty excitement in Houma, which is only 90km from New Orleans.

Here are the different reasons why it is imperative to visit Houma at least once in life:

  • Its heritage and hospitality
  • Its living music
  • Its strong Cajun culture
  • Its gastronomy
  • Its bayous: the number of water bodies earned it the nickname of the Venice of America with its 52 bridges
  • Its delicious restaurants
  • Its lively concerts
  • Its rich history and centuries-old culture
  • Its heritage

The two-week Cajun Mardi Gras celebrations and festivities In fact, Visiting Houma will offer you the joy of living, love and life that is rooted in every aspect of Cajun culture.

On the other hand, if you admire the fauna and flora of the Cajun country in Louisiana, you can directly think about starting your planning in Houma. Most travellers in southern Louisiana know that Houma is the land of Bayou de Lousiana. Every day in the bayou is an exploration. For those who like to photograph exotic flowers, wildlife and birds, wetlands are the perfect place to bring your camera. From the comfort of a guided tour boat, you can take pictures of fifteen-foot alligators.

Good to know:

Remember to have an insect repellent in your toilet bag, as you may confront mosquitoes during your visit.