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The city of Shreveport was the former state capital overlooking the Red River, as the natural theme of New Iberia, this city is also surrounded by forests and cotton plantation fields. Among the highlights of this city are the many autumn festivals.

Every September, the city’s residents get ready to celebrate the fall festivals.

In addition, you can notice at the foot of skyscrapers more than 60 brands contributing to the “Tax Free Shopping” system, this program is intended for foreign tourists (a large shopping mall that opened a few years ago), Louisiana has implemented a program to refund state taxes, so remember to check that you are making your purchases with the merchants who are part of this program.

Then, take your receipts and passport and go to one of the refund centers to pick up the form to fill in and of course the cash amount of your taxes paid.

Concerning the festivals of this troubled city, you will find in September 21 the annual street festival of Agora Borealis, the Cirque du Lac.

You can also attend the Red River Revel Arts Festival from September 29 to October 7, which will fill the Plaza of Festival with art, music and more.

However, in order not to miss the chance to discover the must-see places of Shreveport, I invite you to read the rest of the article. Shreveport has a plethora of activities to entertain just about anyone, including riverside shopping, museums and outdoor adventures.

Also discover the superb stores and boutiques in Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets.

This outdoor destination offers a variety of catering and entertainment. Visit museums and art galleries that please the whole family.

Also consider booking a group guided tour to immerse yourself in the culture of the region. Then enjoy the lively music and nightlife in the city center. In short, after a long year of study or work, planning a trip to Shreveport will offer you lots of fun things to do and live to prepare for the next year once again.