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New York Parks

Besides tall buildings and huge shopping malls, New York also has lungs that will allow you to breathe and escape. In fact, New York contains about 15% green space and well-known parks.

Central Park:

Central Park is a huge green park with an area of 341 hectares, it is
bigger than Monaco. It is located in the heart of the city in Manhattan, New York.

Central Park was inaugurated after thirteen years of construction. Central Park is so huge that you really need to plan ahead to give it a full day. The park has a great diversity of activities. Check Central Park for Sheep Meadow (New Yorkers favourite place to relax) or Central Park Zoo.


Prospect Park :

Prospect Park is a public park located in the Brooklyn district of New York. Everyone can have fun in Prospect Park, big and small, with its playgrounds, restaurants and open snacks. You can also find a zoo, a baseball field and even an observation post to admire the birds.

Hudson River Park :

Hudson River Park is the second largest park in Manhattan. It is ideal for relaxation and escape thanks to its large area of 223 hectares.

Hudson River Park is a very interesting green space with its multiple tennis and soccer fields, a children’s playground and many other features. Not to mention that from Hudson River Park you can see New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River.


Inwood Hill Park:

Inwood Hill Park is a public park located in the Inwood Hill Park area
north of Manhattan. The area of the park is 79 hectares. Its main characteristic is that it has remained in the wild and has not undergone any transformation.

This hotel does not prevent the existence of a touch of modernity at Inwood Hill Park. There are also picnic areas, playgrounds, sports fields and other surprises to discover.


Bryant Park :

Bryant Park is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Midtown borough, also known as New York City’s high-end business district.

The Bryant Park is a magnificent garden of 4 hectares very appreciated by tourists. This magnificent garden with a French touch is a privileged place to read and relax while admiring the buildings all around.


Pelham Bay Park :

Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in New York. It’s three times the size of Central Park.

Pelham Bay Park has many playgrounds such as tennis, basketball, handball and other grounds for various activities. I recommend you visit this beautiful park, the only drawback is that it is located in the popular Bronx area.