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Woodstock is one of the prettiest cities in the United States. Located in New York State, it is lined with galleries, stores and antique shops. With its picturesque and quiet streets, you will only meet people in a calm and joyful mood, which will totally relax you after spending a day in this city.

The city is famous for the notorious Woodstock Festival in 1969 except that the festival did not take place in Woodstock after it was relocated 31 days before the festival and that the organizers therefore kept the name Woodstock.

If you want to enjoy the calm and beauty of this beautiful city take the path to the top of Mount Tom, you will surely be charmed by the panoramic view of the city and the green mountains of the surroundings.

Here are 3 places to visit during your stay in Woodstock:

Overlook Mountain House Ruins: It is the Grand Hotel that has been left in ruins (after several fires and reconstructions), and today, the concrete skeleton rises in the woods overgrown with vegetation. Many walls, windows, architectural details, a fountain, and even a fireplace and curved staircase still remain in this strange structure. Hikers and explorers looking to discover modern ruins will find what they are looking for in abundance in this beautifully decaying hotel.

Woodstock School of Art Sculpture Garden: A garden of peaceful international sculptures. Walking and sitting among the sculptures and trees is a peaceful experience, and looking north, you can see another Woodstock wonder, Overlook Mountain.

Woodstock Artists’ Cemetery: Living artists of all kinds are frequently seen in the cemetery, hoping to find inspiration among the graves of the inspired. These tombs, suitable for such a cemetery, are often works of art themselves created by some of Woodstock’s greatest sculptors. They are generally flat against the ground, so as not to obscure the view of Overlook Mountain.

While in Woodstock, go up to Overlook Mountain, shop, eat in the Village Green, and discover the many small waterfalls.