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Avoid making these mistakes when you are in Los Angeles!

Don’t forget to pay for your metro ticket

There are many subway stations in Los Angeles where you can get on a train without going through the turnstiles. You must always buy a TAP card, pay the appropriate fare and type the card when you board the train. But who checks? Well, the group of subway controllers (and their dogs) is roaming, and you’ll never know when they’ll show up on your train. The price of the ticket is $1.75 per trip so it is not really worth the risk.

Don’t forget to tip the service staff

In the United States, jobs in reception services do not pay very well. Restaurant waiters, janitors, hotel maintenance staff, valet parking, spa attendants, tour guides and other employees need tips to pay their rent. In addition to the standard percentage or dollar norm for different services, the tip must reflect the quality of the service, its value, the time it takes and the kindness of the person providing it.

Don’t be too cool for Hollywood Kitsch

Yes, Hollywood is totally overrun by tourists, but that’s part of its charm. If you’re really too cool, pretend like nothing happened, and take a selfie with Spiderman, Darth Vader or Hello Kitty talking or walking, or Marilyn Monroe’s wax figurine between the Chinese theatre and Madame Tussaud. You’ll have fun, and your friends will be really happy. Don’t forget to tip the character’s actors, usually a dollar or more per picture. They are not paid to be there.