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Las Vegas: generalities

Eclectic, energetic and adventurous, Las Vegas fascinates the world. It is a city in perpetual turmoil whose energy grips every visitor. Let’s discover together some practical information that will be useful to you to found an ultimate guide to the basics, namely:

The Climate:

Located in one of the driest places in the United States (Mojave Desert), Las Vegas enjoys an arid climate. Every year, the temperature regularly exceeds 40°C in summer and the sunshine represents more than 300 days per year. Moreover, winters are mild and windy.


To know the temperature of the United States, it is recommended to have an idea on the degree Fahrenheit. Often used to set the air conditioner, converting the temperature expressed in degrees Fahrenheit with degrees Celsius is difficult to do head-on.

Here’s how to do the exact conversion:

  • Subtract 32 from the number indicated
  • Multiply by 5 the result
  • Finally, divide by 9

– An example of this is: 0°C = 32°F, 10°C= 50°F, 20°C= 68°F, 37°C= 99°F …


The electrical outlets are 110-120 V AC (60 cycles). Don’t forget to bring an AC adapter with you because the plugs on the sockets are flat.

Taxes and tips:

Tips are very much part of American culture, so in a restaurant, after a tasty meal, it is essential to leave 15 to 20% of the amount of the bill as a tip, $1 or $2 for the taxi driver and $1 per bag for the luggage carrier.

VAT is not generalized in the United States, in Las Vegas, 8.1% of the price displayed in stores and restaurants is added to the invoice and 12% for the hotel sector.