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Taxicab in Newyork

Once in New York, it is difficult for a yellow taxicab to go unnoticed on the streets of the Big Apple. Unavoidable in New York, yellow cabs are a symbol of the American city. So how can you take a New York taxi in an easy and cheap way?

The first thing to do before taking a taxi in New York is to check and identify the free vehicles of those who are busy.

You will know if the taxi is free thanks to the number visible on the taxi sign, which is therefore very legible. If you notice that the panel is on, this means that the taxi is available. On the other hand, if the latter is switched off, the taxi is already occupied or simply no longer in service.

To take a taxi in New York, all you have to do is raise your arm and still have the comfort of New Yorkers. Whether you are in New York or any other city in the United States, you must indicate your address using street intersections. If you have any gaps in English, it is better to write down your address somewhere or just show the driver your address from your smartphone.

There are two types of taxis in New York City, yellow taxis and lime green taxis. Yellow taxis are the most popular and economical taxis. As for lemon green taxis, they are taxis that travel outside the Manhattan area like Harlem and the Bronx.

When you get into a taxi in New York, the first thing to do is to check if your taxi’s meter shows $2.50 as the starting amount. Officially a taxi in New York, can only take a maximum of 4 people. It is necessary to take into consideration if you have a lot of luggage with you.

It is recommended to avoid New Yorkers’ peak working hours, which are between 4pm and 8pm Monday to Friday. The night rate may be higher than the day rate, so it is necessary to count 0.50$ more between 8pm and 6am.

You can pay for your trip either in cash or by credit card. Not to mention taking into consideration the amount of the tip which may well vary according to your appreciation. The minimum amount of the tip is 20% up to 30% of the asking price.

If you are not a good calculator, it is better to pay by credit card so you can choose your option of the amount of the tip in complete peace of mind.