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Things to know before going to the United States

If there is one thing to know about the United States it is that it is a very rich country, understanding mentalities and integrating for 100% can sometimes be difficult. On this article we present some things to know before you go to the United States, this will certainly help you to explore this country well and feel comfortable.

The United States is large (9.83 million kmĀ²).

In terms of flight time: it takes about the same time to fly from New York to Los Angeles or London. Also, two hours of daily travel? Oh! That’s completely normal.

Everything is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you know where to look

Looking for a 3-hour Double Quarter Pounder, a 5-hour Venti with espresso and caramel? Be aware that in the United States and especially in major cities, you can find what you are looking for at any time of the day. However, when travelling in smaller cities and rural areas, you should see in advance the closing hours or take a closer look at the restaurants that are open 24 hours a day.

The country’s national parks are spectacular

The United States National Parks – covering 84 million acres of all states – can claim many superlatives: the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere (Death Valley, California); the highest point in North America (Mount McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska); the longest cave system in the world (Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky); and the largest gypsum sand dunes in the world (White Sands National Monument, New Mexico).

There’s a festival for everything.

The United States is home to strange and wonderful festivals, from Chainsaw Carving (Pennsylvania) to Testicle (Montana). In addition, there are a variety of fairs specific to each state where you can taste very strange things like Twinkies, butter, pig ears, White Castle burgers, bubblegum, Kool Aid and different beers….