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Transporting Kitchen Items

If you wish to transport your articles or kitchen utensils in cabin luggage, we advise you to contact your airline to know the precise rules concerning the maximum weight, the regulatory dimensions, prohibited contents… In the meantime, will indicate the regulations of a non-exhaustive list but which will include the majority of the kitchen articles.

  • Items authorized in the cabin and in the hold:
  • Tortilla Presses
  • Forks
  • Water bottles (empty)
  • Detergents (powder or granules)
  • Detergents (liquid)
  • Bottle opener
  • ¬†Authorized items with special instructions:
    • Mixers: allowed in the cabin if the blade has been removed and placed in checked baggage. In other words, all sharp objects placed in checked baggage must be secure, so make sure that the packaging is secure so as not to cause injuries to baggage handlers and screening officers.
    • Coffee machine: your coffee machine is expensive and fragile! So you’ll be comfortable if you pack it carefully and pack it in your carry-on baggage.
    • Kettles/Waffles: If you have a kettle or waffle iron in your luggage, ask your airline for permission before placing it above the cabin or under the seat in front of you.
    • Utensils: With the exception of plastic or butter knives, knives are not allowed in your cabin luggage.

Note: a corkscrew with blade is only allowed in checked baggage, and subject to the same restrictions as a sharp object.