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Useful tips for a pleasant stay in Los Angeles

Don’t limit yourself to tourist attractions!

Tourist attractions are so because there is something in them that attracts and entertains at least a certain percentage of visitors. Many of LA’s tourist attractions, such as amusement parks, are also popular with locals, who purchase annual packages. So, if you want to see LA as a local, it could still include Disneyland and Universal Studios and other attractions not well known to tourists.

In the evening, go out in LA!

Los Angeles is the Mecca of nightlife with A-List clubs, popular dance clubs, trendy bars in downtown LA and crawl clubs.

But you don’t have to be a partygoer to enjoy Los Angeles after dark. You can watch the stars at Griffith Observatory or explore Hollywood Boulevard’s cultural attractions that remain open until midnight; these are fun activities for the whole family.

For a romantic evening or an evening with friends, there are all kinds of shows in Los Angeles, from world-class theatre to concerts and comedy.

Don’t expect everyone to speak English

Los Angeles is a real melting pot, with immigrants and refugees from all over the world. They may be your hotel maintenance staff, valet, store owner where you stop to buy a bottle of water or lollipop vendor on the sidewalk. Shouting louder doesn’t help. Try hand gestures; ask if anyone else speaks English; or go somewhere else. If you are friendly, people will do their best to understand what you need, even if they don’t understand you.

Of course, do not assume that all service staff will have language problems. They could also be students, university graduates or even middle-class Americans.