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Austin Texas’s most famous city

Nestled in the heart of a vast tourist region, the municipality of Austin is located a few steps from the Abbey of Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, which earns it a large part of its notoriety.

Austin is the world capital of live music, with more than 150 concert halls, it deserves this statue; because the city welcomes companies like APPLE and DELL. It is a real metropolis:

It has many university centers that attract tons of young students who animate the city, but it is best known for its bars and its largest music festival in all the USA.

Austin also has many museums, such as the oldest, which was founded in 1963 and reopened in 2006 after major renovations.  This mythical museum has more than 17500 works that bring together all types of nations: Europe, the West, Texas…

The most fantastic thing in Austin happens under the bridge on the main street: Here is the largest bat colony – more than 1 million small bats. A bat flight can be seen in the evening. This release is worthy of a scene straight out of a Batman movie.

Its softball field at the municipal park is open to all residents and can be reserved for tournaments. It also has several circuits and hikes, including: Abbey Circuit, Heritage Circuit, Planet Trail, Eastern Townships Trails, Mount Oxford National Park Trails.