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Fort Davis National Historic Site

The national historic site of Fort Davis was built on an ancient Indian village, Fort Davis played a very important role in the history of southwest Texas.

This military fort, which once provided passenger protection (1854-1891), is now a testament to the rich history of the United States.

If you are travelling in West Texas, this is a must-see historical site. A visit will allow you to:

Learn more about American and Texas history;

Visit the small, highly interactive museum that will appeal to adults and children alike;

To see all the buildings that have been restored and fitted out as they were at the time with some objects belonging to the soldiers present in Fort Davis in the past;

The historic site is not very large but allow between two and three hours to visit it. If you want to eat, stop at La Cueva De Leon, an excellent restaurant with Mexican cuisine.

More information to know:

  • There are accessible parking spaces, toilets, and a reception center.
  • An electric golf cart is available free of charge.
  • Admission rates are $10.00/person, per vehicle $20.00, and under 16 years olds are free.